The Essential Plan

perfect for busy families with easy scheduling, an optional auto draft, and guaranteed results. Our Essential Pest Control Plan helps protect your family year-round from the health risks caused by insects. With this service, a trained technician will treat the exterior foundation and entry points of your home every 3 months to guard against intruding insects!

$25/month or $85/quarter

The Complete Plan

the most effective way to keep your home pest-free! With an optional auto-draft and guaranteed results. The Complete Pest Control Plan guards your family against the pesky pest at every angle. With this service, a trained technician will treat the whole interior and exterior of your home every 3 months, as well as installing glue traps at key entry points to help catch and monitor unwanted intruders!

$35/month or $112/quarter

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Mosquito Control


Gold Guard Mosquito Protection

Our mosquito treatment spray begins working almost immediately and keeps working for weeks. We recommend a fresh treatment every 3 weeks for the best results.

Prices Starting at $55

All-Natural Shield Protection

It repels mosquitoes immediately but is not as binding as our chemical spray. Therefore, it does not last as long and requires spraying on a 14-day cycle. The All-Natural Shield Protection is not as effective as our chemical spray but it does deter mosquitoes and it is all-natural.

Prices Starting at $65

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Termite Protection

Advanced Termite Bait System (TBS)

We install advanced termite bait systems (TBS) every 10 ft around your home to provide full perimeter protection of your home. The TBS uses a cellulose debris cartridge to attract termites to the station and away from your home. Your TBS is inspected every 3 months to ensure that your home stays termite free.

Termidor Perimeter Plus

Termidor is the highest quality termiticide money can buy and with our Termidor Perimeter Plus treatment plan we create a liquid barrier around the exterior of your home that termites can’t break through, giving your home an excellent defense against termites.

Termidor Total Home Protection

Out Total Home Protection plan protects every angle of your home from termites. The Total Home Protection plan provides your home with a complete liquid barrier that will eliminate any termite colony around your home in 3 months! This provides you and your family peace of mind and protection for years to come.

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